What is Pocket Rehab?

Pocket Rehab is revolutionizing recovery!

Pocket Rehab is a real-time support app that gives users the opportunity to connect with Recovery Coaches and Peer Recovery Specialists 24/7.

  • The app connects professionals with people who need support, assistance and guidance in their recovery.
  • The app can be used anonymously.
  • The coaches and peer specialists are trained to support users in a forward-focused, solutions-driven way.
  • There is NO CHARGE for the app and the support.
  • Users can contract with a professional coach for additional private sessions.

Would you like to be part of the solution?

We invite you to join Pocket Rehab Coaching Network to become an Internationally certified "Peer Recovery Specialist " and increase your recovery capital.

Come and join the Global Network of Professional Recovery Coaches (GWEN) and get an accredited Training through the "International Coaching Register".

Training is aimed at individuals and groups that are interested in understanding how a coaching intervention can be effectively used to assist individuals, families, communities, and organizations that are challenged with substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders.  

And to aid in supporting people as they move from a Culture of Addiction to a Culture of Recovery.

What is a Peer Recovery Specialist?

Peer Recovery Specialists are trained to support individuals and families that are challenged with substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders. 

The PRS training will teach you how to:

  • Have a coaching conversation to aid in assisting your clients to empower themselves in their personal recovery.
  • Implement the Systemic Coaching Model to support those who need help within their families, organizations and communities.
  • Assist and support in the development of personal Recovery Capital, which are the internal and external resources developed and acquired to support sustainable recovery. 
  • Peer Specialists will also have the opportunity to assist individuals on the Pocket Rehab real-time app.
  • Be part of the solution

What does the training include?

PRS is an introduction to Recovery and Wellness Coaching.

  • Introduction to the fundamental tools of Recovery Wellness Coaching.
  • Tools and practices to support people from diverse backgrounds seeking assistance in connecting to holistic health and wellness.
  • Skills to support clients who are wanting to live meaningful, fulfilled lives free of harmful substances and dysfunctional behaviour.
  • A three hour, live nline workshop to connect with your facilitators.
  • S 90-minute weekly integration calls to support your professional development.
  • A Peer Recovery Specialist Certification.

What benefits are there to the PRS training?

  • An opportunity to experience and understand the fundamentals of recovery wellness coaching.
  • International connection with individuals who are passionate about recovery wellness coaching.
  • Access to U-ACT and Calm Lions' online coaching platform through Teachable.
  • Continued support in your professional development as a coach.
  • Professional and personal growth and development through U-ACT.
  • Professional pathway to completing the Certified Professional Recovery Coach Training.

Meet Your Facilitator

Nikki Edwards is an experienced and committed peer recovery specialist and recovery coach facilitator. She has developed the PRS training in collaboration with David Collins, the organisation's head facilitator. She is the international coordinator and online facilitator for the Pocket Rehab Coaching Network. Nikki combines her knowledge and passion, and will support you through the training and certification process.

Nikki also runs her own coaching practice and has extensive experience working with individuals, families and groups to support them in through the use of systemic coaching and the development of recovery capital.

Nikki also brings many years of lived recovery experience and wellness to the work that she does bot as a trainer and coach.

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Introduction to Recovery Wellness Coaching


Pocket Rehab Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Anyone - Anywhere - Anytime

This 16-hour online training includes:

  • Full access to Teachable self-directed study material.
  • Live, online group sessions.
  • Inclusion on Workplace international coaching network.
  • Access to Pocket Rehab Coaching Network.
  • Ongoing professional development and training opportunities.
  • Full certification as a Peer Recovery Specialist.

Peer Recovery Specialist

Teachable Access

This once-off payment gives you access to the Pocket Rehab Peer Recovery Specialist teaching material on Teachable.

What this course includes:

  • This self-directed personal development course will teach you skills so that you can better connect with individuals who are affected by substance use and addictive behaviour disorders.
  • This is a self-development course and gives you the opportunity to complete the Peer Recovery Specialist certification by upgrading to the full PRS programme.
  • Access to videos, manual, theory and information on the PRS Training.